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I like flowers... so what?
Hello there! I'm Sheena Fujibayashi, a nearly common kunoichi and summoner from the ninja village of Mizuho. Welcome to my blog! But careful of what you're doing over here, I still have my eyes on you.
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Sometimes, Sheena liked to pay a visit to the Great Kharlan Tree just to the remembrance, the melancholy she felt about that journey which changed her life forever, and even sometimes because it gave her that feel of hope she always lose when her confidence of a Chief broke. Yeah, that enormous plant was like a big amulet of faith for her.

But this time was different.

And it wasn’t that the Tree looked different. There was something in the ambiance that wasn’t in its place. Something that was there, and shouldn’t. A corpse.

She had not first reaction, something pretty strange on her and her common impulsive personality. The ninja was frozen in place, staring with slight shock to the scenery, or better said, to the body of the blue-haired that rested quietly on the roots of the tree.


There was no reaction, no response. He could have said to her in a very very distasteful way to leave, one of his common manners that included sarcasm and hostility against others. But right now, he didn’t bother on it. His expression was very peaceful, no smile, but no displeasure either, something between neutral and even a bit friendly.

She stepped in front of him, her eyes examining him for a little while she felt a sort of an numbness. Embed on the very center of his chest, there was a long sword; was he battling with someone? It seemed like a not very suitable scene, he didn’t have any weapon on his hands. A suicide? Not very probable. Attacked by surprise? It looked like the most logical assumption, even though he showed no signs of battling against the person.

The summoner knelt next to him; now that she was closer, she could notice how pale was his skin (probably for the loss of blood) and a pair of bags under his eyes, he indeedly looked deadful, and it somehow hurt inside of her. She moved some loosing strands of azure hair from his face, and touched his cheek while her expression softened to a concerned one.

He could have not been a very friendly man, or even a very trustable one. But he certainly was one of the reasons why they could finally reunite and save both worlds. He was a respectable man, who went against a whole organization and created one himself for his own ideals. And thanks to him, she could reach Sylvarant and meet the others. Even if she didn’t know him at all, she owed him more than she thought.

She took back her hand, and lowered her face letting out a loud sigh. “I’m sorry, Yuan.” She mumbled, looking her hands on her lap with a feel of guilt, then finally lifted herself straight and offered a mourning bow to the man. And started to walk away, embracing herself as a weird feeling invaded her, an uncomfortable one.

And when she gave a last glance to him, her eyes widened with surprise.

A beautiful woman with long green hair was there, next to him, with her arms around his neck and one hand tenderly brushing his hair. And on the other side, there was a very familiar man with pointed brown hair, looking him with a soft smile.

She felt her eyes water for a bit, but she brushed them quickly before letting a smile curve on her lips, turning around to continue her way.